About us

At Plant-based Fuel we want to create a sustainable and healthy future for all. That is why our carefully selected product range is 100% vegan. Our products also have low glycemic carbohydrate counts and are therefore suitable for a ketogenic lifestyle. They are always clean-label and never use any artificial ingredients.

In our store you will only ever find delicious, healthy and sustainable vegan snack foods that are good not only for people, but also the earth and all its animals.

Plant-based Fuel is the exclusive European distributor of Youthful Living products, best known for its delicious vegan & keto guilt-free health snacks and innovative fit foods.

Our select range of Youthful Living products are all Vegan-Friendly, High Fibre, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free & Palm Oil-Free with No Added Sugar Ever!

Our recyclable packaging formats are designed for convenience, portion control and on-the-go guilt-free snacking. And the paper board used in our packaging is not only reclycable but also biodegradable.

In order to have these healthy snacks delivered to wherever you may be, we selected DHL as our Fulfilment Partner given its impressive Sustainability track record dating back to 2003.

Plant-based Fuel - Good for People, the Earth and all its Animals.